Automation impact

Intelligent Automation explained
in simple words

Automation impact

End-to-End RPA explained
in simple words

Automation impact

End-to-End RPA explained
in simple words

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Bryan Lamb​

Talent Development​

Bryan Lamb is RPA leader at Pacific Life Insurance and founder of WhatIsRPAHis online courses helped over 22 000 students in 120+ countries to build solid knowledge about RPA. In episode we will discuss how to approach internal RPA talent development in organization. 

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About the podcast

About author: Automation Impact is an initiative of Eduard Shlepetskyy, CEO of Ective and UiPath Most Valuable Professional. Being in this business since 2014 Eduard experienced multiple large scale RPA implementations around the globe. He worked in industry and consulting (Accenture) and at the end of 2017 triggered creation of own company (Ective) that focuses on Intelligent Automation delivery.

Since early 2018 Ective was involved in many successful RPA delivery, CoE enablement and training. Besides commercial projects Eduard initiated several pro bono activities such as:

  • UiPath Academy Alliance (at Slovak Technical University)
  • First Slovak UiPath community meetup
  • Automation support of non profit organization

About the podcast: In 2020 Eduard was selected as one of 20 UiPath Most Valuable Professionals and this season of episodes is created as his UiPath MVP perspective.

In episodes, together with other UiPath MVPs Eduard discusses their experience and best practices in Intelligent automation delivery. Every episode is dedicated to specific topic (e.g. Operating Model, testing, security) and every guest is has strong expertise in selected topic.

After every episode short article will be created to summarize main points of interview.

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